Texture Pack - Forging and Tool Dressing vintage textbook

January 28, 2020

I love searching through old books and seeing the design and layouts that were popular back in the day. I found this distressed old textbook at a thrift store and knew it was a hidden gem just waiting to be repurposed. It was pretty beat up so I didn’t feel too bad about removing some of the better pages to get scans off of them. In the spirit of collaboration and sharing that I try to approach the world with, I thought I’d put some of these out there for any one else that could use them to make something cool.

Hit the link to get the zip file, I put the original JPG scan and some PNG files in there (the texture adjustment and a version with transparency. The gallery just shows a couple of samples, all of the textures have the same 3 versions.). I also included a scan of the cover page, because the typography is pretty awesome.

These could be interesting elements in your next design or Photoshop project. Let me know if you end up using them, I’d love to see what you come up with. I've included a few samples below, but hit that download link to get the textures.

texture sample image texture sample image texture sample image