UPDATE to the UPDATE - Moved to NUXTJS using nuxt/content 1/20/2021

UPDATE - This site is no longer on Wordpress. I have made the jump to JAMStack and haven’t looked back. This blog is now a static site using Gridsome and tailwindcss, with the content created in Markdown using the Ulysses app (which is now my favorite writing tool). Super fast, stable, and secure. There are a ton of tutorials and Youtube videos out there if you are interested in learning more about [Gridsome]3], tailwindcss, Ulysses, or Markdown.

The following is left here for posterity (super important that future generations see this):

I created this site as a custom Wordpress theme using _underscores and tailwindcss and plan on it being a sort of living testing ground for things I want to try and experiment with. So far I have really enjoyed working with tailwindcss and plan on using it on some other upcoming projects. Definitely worth checking out.

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