New blog

January 2, 2020

UPDATE: This site is no longer on Wordpress. I have made the jump to JAMStack and haven’t looked back. This blog is now a static site using Gridsome and tailwindcss, with the content created in Markdown using the Ulysses app (which is now my favorite writing tool). Super fast, stable, and secure. There are a ton of tutorials and Youtube videos out there if you are interested in learning more about Gridsome, tailwindcss, Ulysses, or Markdown.

The following is left here for posterity (super important that future generations see this):

I created this site as a custom Wordpress theme using _underscores and tailwindcss and plan on it being a sort of living testing ground for things I want to try and experiment with. So far I have really enjoyed working with tailwindcss and plan on using it on some other upcoming projects. Definitely worth checking out.